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Why you need PUCAA

PUCAA always stands for all the colleges under the umbrella of Panjab University, Chandigarh with its great alumni and student community. Our graduate and postgraduate alumni association stimulate you to make a better connection. All the past alumni stand together with PUCAA and build a powerful community to get rid of every problem of present alumni of the university.

It is not very hard to find the best alumni association network for you. One can easily connect to the large networks of alumni and establish a great network of their university. Through PUCAA, we want to give Panjab University, Chandigarh the recognition it has always deserved in the world. PUCAA tells you about those alumni who have come out of this college and established themselves in big positions by making an impact on the whole world on their own.

Increase the mutual identity and relationship of your university community.

Share all your alumni achievements and accomplishments to inspire the present students.

Contribute to your university by sharing your success story and assisting the present students with their problems.

PUCAA always provides you with all the latest news and updates on your college and alumni association.


Each alumnus associated with this association builds a lifelong relationship by connecting to each other and increasing mutual help and beneficiary.

These associations also create an identity among all the alumni and present students, so they don’t experience issues that the alumni have experienced in their university life.